Monday, December 24, 2012

Valentines Day Card Idea's
I already used this idea on some cards for Sandy Hook Elementary.  I like using the heart shape of hands to make a stamp. 

I found this idea on a blogger's page.  I saw this and thought it was so cute and personal.  I might make a few of these too.  I love the use of hand print and foot prints.

I like this idea too.  Very easy for kids to make and personal hand shapes.  I know my relatives love seeing how much my son has grown.

I like this idea a lot.  I have lots of yarn and ribbon lying around the house.  A very cool hands on craft for kids to do!
 Yarn Heart Card Materials

I thought this idea was creative.  I would use it on the outside of cards and put a personal note on the inside.  It would allow me to make larger batches of cards to send out.  

finished Valentine craft

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  1. This is best way to show our love using card when that will be our own creation means no one equal to that gift.your
    Valentines Day Ideas really out of world.