Monday, December 24, 2012

Valentines Day Cards Updates

I am open for more addresses for Valentines Day. I figured if I had extra time and made cards ahead of time I could meet my goal of over 100 cards sent out. I would love for most of those cards to go to Lymie's, their kids and families. We could use some hugs around here :) Let me know if you want to help or want a card. And Yes if you have NOT received a card yet and you requested one I am making your card this weekend and its on its way on Monday I have not forgotten you!!! Also I am open to sending anywhere in the world. I have sent already to Canada and Australia. Where ever the need is I will send the cards!!  So please share this message with those you think could benefit from some home made cards of kindness.  

Valentines Day Card Idea's
I already used this idea on some cards for Sandy Hook Elementary.  I like using the heart shape of hands to make a stamp. 

I found this idea on a blogger's page.  I saw this and thought it was so cute and personal.  I might make a few of these too.  I love the use of hand print and foot prints.

I like this idea too.  Very easy for kids to make and personal hand shapes.  I know my relatives love seeing how much my son has grown.

I like this idea a lot.  I have lots of yarn and ribbon lying around the house.  A very cool hands on craft for kids to do!
 Yarn Heart Card Materials

I thought this idea was creative.  I would use it on the outside of cards and put a personal note on the inside.  It would allow me to make larger batches of cards to send out.  

finished Valentine craft

Sandy Hook Elementary Cards


The above heart cards and finger print tree's were for Sandy Hook Elementary school.  After I heard about the tragedy there I couldn't help but want to show my families support.  So I made them cards to send down to them.  They will get there a little late due to my head cold.  But no matter they will make it there soon.  I know in the days and months to come this community in Connecticut will need our support.  So I plan to send them Valentines day cards too.  Here is there address if you would like to send them some cards too.    
Sandy Hook Elementary School
12 Dickenson Drive
Sandy Hook, CT 06482
My thoughts are to send them as many kind hugs, support, love as we can. Cards of hugs are the most important little words are needed.

Christmas Cards for RocSandyRelief

I used my finger prints to make a shape of a Christmas tree, wreath, Star of David and Menorah.  Once the cards dried I used Sharpie markers that were in silver, gold and bronze colors and added to the Christmas tree's and drew the Menorah while my finger prints were the flames of the candles.  I wanted to have some variety in my cards to include other special holiday traditions.  I did make one dark card of finger print snow men.  And a few cards had ribbons on them too.  On the inside of cards I wrote a special holiday greeting.  I really enjoyed making these cards.  My favorites were the multi-color finger print cards.  I liked the pop of color. 

Helping Hands Cards

These are some of the homemade Helping Hands Cards that my son and I made for some friends who asked for them.  I wanted people to know I was sending them a helping hand and that we cared.  My son had fun drawing trucks on the inside of cards which was a big hit!  These personal cards were the ones that people liked the most.  So I plan to keep making cards with a special touch :)  The top photos is a hand print using my hand and two colors.  The bottom photo is my sons hand prints.  Nothing is more personal than sending someone your hand print.  I had a lot of fun making these cards.  And I was glad that my friends who have Lyme Disease like me smiled and enjoyed these cards.  I have a few ways to use the hand print idea in my Valentines Day cards this coming year!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

New photos of my card making frenzy!

My local artist is 7 years old my son John he loves to draw trucks! I think I know where he gets his creativity from! I am sending out a bunch of cards tomorrow! My first big send off so exciting!

So How Does This Work? READ THIS


A non-profit, grass roots organization making and sending homemade cards and postcards to those in need.
The goal is to support, recognize, and value our neighbors, family and friends in a personal way.
A Volunteer based non-profit that sends out cards to those home bound, chronically sick, Hurricane Sandy Survivors, Firefighters, Nursing Homes, Veterans, and anyone else needing a pick me up when times get tough.
General information
I create homemade cards and postcards at my home and send them out to those who request them. All personal addresses will be kept with me for safe keeping. All organization request for cards I will post publicly on this page with permission. If you would like to join my cause in making cards for those who need them, please message me here on facebook. And I will privately send my mailing address to you. You
can send cards to me and I will gladly send them out. If you know any organizations look for cards and those who will make them please share this page with them or post their information on this page. If you would like to request a card please message me on facebook or send me an e-mail at 
I am working with one organization so far to get cards to Sandy Survivors in NY.  I would to send more out that way.  Please contact me anytime!  I look forward to working with you!